Clean Green Balancing Bowl

I re-posted a delicious green bowl from someone I follow on Instagram last week, but it was definitely a little more ingredient and process intensive than the women I work with have time for.  Soooo.... In an effort to keep it simple and change up … [Read more]

Pickled Peaches… Who Knew?

I had never heard of, much less made or tasted pickled fruit!  But I saw a recipe in Southern Living, and thought anything this fresh and simple was worth a try.  Paxton and I both actually really liked it…it's strong so just a dab will do ya, but it … [Read more]

Thirsty Thursday: Healthy-fied Coffee!

To people who have been on the road to "crowding out the crap" in their diet for a while, this might sound like a no-brainer.  But every day we are surprised to hear our clients say they are still using Coffee Mate and other coffee creamers. Here is … [Read more]

Cashew Cauliflower Chicken Spaghetti

The good news: You have made some serious changes in your eating habits and opened yourself up to all sorts of new, fresh and yummy food! The bad news: Your family is NOT digging it. There is hope…. It can seem very complicated and overwhelming … [Read more]

Make Ahead Quinoa Veggie Bowl

There are no excuses, ladies... and there is nothing like keeping it simple when the weeks are busy but you need to stay healthy (and if you're a mom, May is BUSY!).  When schedules are full, we tend to put ourselves last, stop planning our meals, … [Read more]

Try Some of Our Favorite Products!

We have worked with hundreds of clients and are certified through the largest nutrition school in the world. We will only promote products that we believe in and use ourselves, and that fit into our mission to help women GET HOT in a clean, natural … [Read more]

On the Go…Feeling Nutty????

Often times, we spend so much time on the go that we forget to take care of the A1 #1 - ourselves! We are running around and so busy that we just totally forget to eat. When time is limited, keep in mind how important it is for us to keep ourselves … [Read more]

Wellness Tips you Might Have Missed

There is so much that goes on with Instagram, FB, etc… and sometimes those golden nuggets of wellness never make it to the website blog!  We really try not to just give you "filler", but tips that we believe in, that work for us, and that have been … [Read more]