Can Hot & Healthy Really Happen?

We talked about finding success with a detox last week, so now we're going to transition into applying this next set of rules, which are 100% in line with your wellness goals… whether it is to have more energy, lose weight, have better skin or simply … [Read more]

My Favorite Quinoa Trick!

Hey Friends!  For those of you who have been following along, we have been running a special where we actually prepare a majority of the food for our 7 Day Detox.  One of the foods in their detox kit is quinoa (yes, it is a true whole grain with no … [Read more]

3 Tips for Successful Detoxing

Cucumbers, celery, tomatoes… OH MY!   Just mention the word "detox" or "cleanse" to a rookie and the brief look of terror that flashes before they cover it up with a, "Oh, no biggie, I drink green juice all the time" is a response we see … [Read more]

Valentine’s 7 Day Detox Special

 February is the month of LOVE, so make it a point to show some LOVE to yourself and your body! We are going to be doing the 7 Day Detox as a group, starting this Saturday, February 5th- which will have the detox officially ending on February 13th, … [Read more]

Come On, Come On…

All of the trees are bare, the grass and plants have died back, and the cold can really drag you down this time of year. Spring seems so far away, and the outside activities are limited and replaced with ‘couch’ time for many of us. All of this … [Read more]